Grandmothers to Grandmothers

I was lucky enough to visit a G2G meeting in October 2018. Held at Scott Manor House, the Grandmothers gathered to discuss their next steps. These Grandmothers raise funds for Grandmothers in Africa who find themselves charged with the care of their grandchildren, in cases where parents have died of HIV/AIDS. It’s a significant pocket of the population, so much so the Stephen Lewis decided he must construct help for these elderly people caring for young children with little if any support. G2G funds go to empowering the women to create businesses and voice their opinions on a political level. A terrific and effective model. Please read more about G2G groups in Nova Scotia in the Bedford-Sackville Observer here.

Corinne MacDonald, Julie Irwin, Joan Johnston, Brideen Morgan, Penny St-Amand, Barbara Haysom and Diana Haydon with Marilyn Sceles and Barb Macey standing. (Sheryl Dubois)

Thank you.

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